Celia Eslava Sotes

Celia Eslava Sotes (Pamplona, 1955) aims to develop a visual dialectic between the “natural” and the “human” through a sculptural investigation into the concept of the nest. Using thread and cloth, she creates objects that invite us to explore the creation of a zone of protection and of frontier through the use of textiles for clothing and for the nest. A graduate in Fine Arts at the University of Bilbao, she lives and works in Pamplona.

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Celia Eslava: weaving, repetition and the cycle of life

Celia Eslava works in silence, putting together and pulling apart. Weaving is a constant theme in her work, and so is repetition. Memory is forged by repetition, she says. "We cannot recognize anything without repetition."

July 02, 2019


Celia Eslava Sotes

Iruñea, 1941

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