Art as a teaching aid in a Basque secondary school

July 03, 2020

The Basque-language secondary school Xalbador, in Kanbo, has inaugurated a series of murals created by the painter iF, member and Secretary of Itzal aktiboa.

Taking as his point of deaprture the values ​​of the school and, more generally, of Seaska and the Federation of Ikastola (immersive schools in the Basque language), iF painted a series of gigantic murals in the entrance to the school.

Respect, diversity, solidarity, mutual aid, togetherness are the subjects of the series, based on the educational work carried out in the institution around the theme of tolerance.

A giant portrait of the bertsulari (Basque versifier-singer) Xalbador, who gave his name to the school, introduces the cycle. Drawing inspiration from key moments in Basque art and history, iF makes reference Picasso's Guernica, Oteiza's sculptures for the Arantzazu basilica, and the bands of colour characteristic of the youthful work of painter Jose Luis Zumeta, who died earlier this year. Other allusions relate to Van Gogh, the Futurists, comic strips and video games. It is hoped that the project will continue to expand during the 2020-2021 school year with more interaction – if the coronavirus situation permits – between the artist and the students.

An artwork in the classroom

January 09, 2021

Amid the Covid19 pandemic, school groups aren’t able to visit art galleries. But works of art can go to schools. This is the idea behind the project "An artwork in the classroom" launched by Itzal aktiboa.

The pyramid of chairs returns to Saint Jean Pied de Port

October 01, 2019

The pyramid made of recycled chairs painted by school children from the ikastolas of Baigorri, Donibane Garazi, Sohüta/Chéraute and Oztibarre has returned to Saint Jean Pied de Port after spending a month in Ordizia (Gipuzkoa) as part of an exhibition of paintings by Josette Dacosta.

Blanca Ortiga works as artist in residence at the Centro Huarte

May 21, 2019

Blanca Ortiga (Hornos de Moncalvillo, La Rioja, 1984) participated last year in the competition for the Itzal Aktiboa Prize. She is working until June 30 with another artist, Miguel Alejos (Valencia, 1995), as artist in residence in the Habitación exhibition space of the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo in Huarte (Navarre).

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