Viviane Michel

Viviane Michel's creations touch your heart.

Each is an intimate story, a step towards the discovery of meaning, towards self-knowledge.

Working meticulously, her delicate hands cut, weave, trace, underscore, knit, suture, bind, colour... mixing spontaneity, lightness and long-term commitment.

She composes her singular garden in a sensitive way, adapting different techniques (drawing, sewing, photoengraving, knitting, weaving…) to her mythology.

Her works attract us as the revelation of a fantastic landscape, as expressions of sweetness and delicacy and of emotion and lyricism.

As we get closer, we discover an intimate poetry of drawing, a depth in the delicacy of the line, a subtle approach to the sensitive.

Viviane Michel scatters her narrative space with clues drawing inspiration from her environment, from nature, using flowers and plants, animals, bodies and objects as symbols to suggest her feelings. The outer and the inner world come together with grace and modesty in an expressive and vibrant narrative.


60 x 50 cm


50 x 40 cm

Roue céleste

43 x 43 cm


50 x 40 cm


42 x 32 cm

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Viviane Michel

Milafranga, 1976

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