Zoe Bray

Zoe Bray (Paris, 1974) is a naturalist painter trained in the studio of Charles H. Cecil and at the Florence Academy in Florence, Italy. She is also an anthropologist and has a doctorate from the European University Institute. She has worked in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Israel, Palestine and the United States.

As an anthropologist-painter, Zoe explores the fluidity of identity in a world where it is constantly renationalized and essentialized. How do individuals define and negotiate their identity?

In this exhibition she presents two portraits forming part of a series that examines the Basque identity in the American West.

Marie-Louise Lekumberry

152 x 122 cm / 2012

Marie-Louise Lekumberry was born in Carson City, Nevada, and lives in nearby Gardnerville, where she runs the J.T. Basque Bar and Dining Room which she owns jointly with her brother JB. Her late father Jean (whose portrait hangs on the wall behind Marie-Louise) emigrated from Ossès, Lower Navarre, in 1947 to work as a sheepherder. In 1960, with his wife Shirley and his brother Pete, Jean bought J.T. from another Basque family from Ossès. J.T. remains to this day a key gathering place for Basques and other locals. Marie-Louise studied at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and spent a year in Donostia/San Sebastián through the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), founded in Reno in 1982 by Carmelo Urza, the son of Basque sheepherders from Bizkaia.

Jean-Baptiste (JB) Lekumberry

76 x 122 cm / 2019

Marie-Louise Lekumberry nació en Carson City, la capital de Nevada, y dirige el J.T. Basque Bar and Dining Room en Gardnerville, del cual es copropietario con su hermano JB. Su padre Jean, cuyo retrato está colgado en la pared, dejó Ortzaitze, en Baja Navarra, en 1947 para trabajar en Nevada como pastor. En 1960, con su esposa Shirley y su hermano Pete, Jean compró J.T. de otra familia vasca de Ortzaitze. J.T. sigue siendo hoy un lugar de encuentro clave para los vascos de Nevada y los alrededores. Marie-Louise estudió en la Universidad de Nevada en Reno y pasó un año en Donostia-San Sebastián por mediación del University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) fundado en 1982 en Reno por Carmelo Urza, hijo de pastores vascos de Bizkaia.

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Zoe Bray

, 1974

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