Gonzalo Etxebarria

I understand painting as a language that allows me to connect with reality. I use a field of expression that is situated between two universes, figuration and abstraction; a space that defines itself, if it could somehow define itself. I consider myself a romantic painter, I like the baroque and the German neo-expressionists.

Transmission is an important part of my work, and the Uztaro workshops in Mendikota as well as the Plastic Art classes that I teach in schools are for me a source of knowledge and personal enrichment. In this sense, the experience I lived in the 1970s at the Deba School of Art, on a personal and professional level, has been fundamental.

I live in Xiberoa, where creative proposals are constant and popular, with a curious and reactive audience. I participate in cultural groups and associations where creation occupies an important place. I believe that Art serves to recognize and accept ourselves as unique beings, and I also believe that it protects us against the manipulation of our identity.

Bacon Okaben

130 x 175 cm


130 x 175 cm

Adio 2019


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Gonzalo Etxebarria

Barkoxe, 1954

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