If iF (Yves Matxikote Jorajuria, 1977) expresses himself mainly through painting, he continues to experiment with the different media and techniques that he acquired at the Fine Arts schools of Baiona and Bordeaux. Basically, he doesn't like to be classified in a box or limited to a style. In this exploration, it is the subject that matters.

The art of iF is a committed art. Society and the human condition are his source of inspiration.

He brings things as he sees them, raw, straightforward, and, as if to help enter his world, he likes large formats.

When he paints or welds bodies, it is us that he paints and welds. When he models the environment and the city, he puts us at the center of his work and his reflection.

Who are we? What do we do ? Us, our society, we who lead, we who suffer? What consequences does all of this have in our life, in our flesh and those of others?

Endless possible questions and answers, just like the means of representation.

Arrak eta Garrak (2011), Isilduak (2012-2019), Hirisilduak (2018-), Zaindariak (2020-) and those to come appear as pieces of a puzzle linked to this questioning...

So that questions and reflections do not stop.

Because things can always be different.


60 x 60 x 179 cm.

Hirisildua XXVI

160 x 80 cm


Hirisildua XXIII

80 x 160 cm


118 x 35 x 48 cm.

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Uztaritze, 1977

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