María Jiménez Moreno

María Jiménez Moreno was born in Iruñea in 1978. She lives in nearby Zizur Nagusia and teaches art in various locations around the city. In recent years, she has focused her work on imitating nature through imaginary forms sculpted in crochet.

As a next step in this process, she is presenting here a series of graphic artworks, entitled Objetuario (Taxonomía ilustrada) and inspired by the way scientists and explorers of the 17th; 18th and 19th centuries used drawings to study and catalogue the natural species that they encountered on their voyages of discovery. In this case, these illustrations are graphic representations of her own sculptural artworks.

“My aim is to explore and express my relationship with nature through the creation of intimate microcosms. Experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques, I draw on the plastic and conceptual language of magic realism. While the explorers of past centuries used illustrations as a way of documenting flora and fauna, my illustrations aim to construct an intimate habitat based on my own work.”

(Pamplona, 1978) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country and lives in Zizur Mayor (Navarre) and works in the Cuenca de Pamplona. She will be exhibiting an installation called "Time for Parenting", in which a giant spider web woven with threads of various thicknesses summarizes in symbolic terms her learning experience as a young mother.



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Septembre 11, 2015

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María Jiménez Moreno

Zizur Nagusia, 2018

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